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This isn’t the ubiquitous “2013 in review” and “here’s what I plan on doing in 2014” post. Sure, it’ll contain some of that, but honestly, I’m getting older. And more forgetful. And well… there’s a lot about 2013 that I don’t remember – not intentionally of course, there’s just parts that I don’t remember as well as I should. Hopefully blogging will help change that.

Health wise, I know that 2013 started off with my heart ablation – actually, it was the second one. The first was a few weeks prior December of 2012. The ablations didn’t fix my PVC’s but it reduced them by about 30%. I had never felt my PVCs before or after the ablations, but there’s really nothing to celebrate there. However, fewer PVCs should put less stress on my heart which should let me live longer. No complaints there, right? I do know that heart ablations are one of the most painful and scary things that someone can go through. You’re wide awake while they literally cook part of your heart from the inside out. Awesome.

I started a clean diet in 2013 that led to about 35 lbs of weight loss. I went off of it and gained some back, but I’m planning on starting back up this weekend. It’s a good system and it works for me. I’ll post more about it in the future.

I somehow managed to injure my back in 2013 which led to an MRI and finding out that I have some pretty bad back issues. I”m doing the best that I can with it right now – some days are much better than others in terms of pain, but it’s not something that I want to live with the rest of my life so I’m doing what I can to help improve the situation.

2013 led me to New York and New Orleans all in the same month. I’ll dig up pictures and post about them later. They really are my two favorite cities on the planet – so much food, culture, and just all around garret times.

I found a few new recipes last year and started taking a pottery class. I’m much better at making things that go into bowls than I am in making bowls themselves. I’ve had fun doing it though, and hope to improve this year. I’ll have to get some recipes posted as well.

I’ve read a ton of books in 2013 – I really should find a better way to keep track of them in 2014 and share them with the world, I hope this blog will allow me to do that as well.

I participated and finally “won” NaNoWriMo this year – I’ve participated in NaNo since ’99 and this is the first year that I’ve actually “won” I really think that going to the write-in’s is what did it. Normally (like everyone else on the planet) November is crazy busy for me, but I was determined to pull through this year. I’m planning on continuing the writing thing into the new year. I’d really like to cross “write a book” off my bucket list. I’m getting closer, I still have a long ways to go. I’m hoping that keeping up with this blog  – and accountability – should help me finally achieve that goal.

As far as 2014 goes, I don’t have a full list of resolutions worked out yet. I know that I’d like to write more and weigh less by the end of the year. I think that there’s probably a few others in between that I’ll need to think about a bit more to come up with.

I think that 2014 will be a year of rediscovering me, and I’m looking forward to that. I hope that you are too.


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