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Five years ago today, at the Macword keynote, Steve Jobs took the stage and changed history.  Before a packed crowd (and millions of others online that watched the live blog feeds) Steve began introducing “three” new products.  “An iPod, a Phone, and an Internet Communicator.” Steve said, as the graphics on the screen behind him began to swirl.  As the icons for each device swirled faster and faster, Steve kept on repeating, “an iPod, a Phone, and an Internet Communicator… An iPod, a Phone, and an Internet Communicator.”

“Are you getting it?” he said with a coy grin on his face.

The world DID get it, and after years of anticipation, the iPhone was reviled.

Most phones in 2007, looked like this.  If a phone had a touchscreen, it was small and used some sort of awkward stylus.  The internet was all but useable on every device at the time, and storage was always lacking.

The iPhone had a beautiful, multitouch screen, and shipped in 4GB and 8GB flavors.  He said that by 2008 they wanted to ship 10M units and capture 1% of the mobile market share – some critics scoffed at the notion – but not only did they reach their 10M mark, they beat it.

During the keynote, Steve Jobs said:

Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.

Steve was right.  That day, he and the countless people at Apple that made the iPhone possible, changed everything.

As the countdown to the iPhone release began, little did I know that a few months later, everything would change again.


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