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Last night was a stormy one lots of rain, lightening and a few brownouts. Luckily my inner storms have subsided, with thanks to viewers like you, and the help of my studio. The smell of oil paint and the rhythm of brush strokes always brings me inner peace. I’m not sure why – anyone who has ever opened a tube of oil paint knows that the smell isn’t exactly the same smell as grandmas’ cookies, (unless of course your grandmother was a terrible cook).

I continued to work on my triptych last night, finishing off the red field (field as in section, not as in playing field) I didn’t want to throw you off dear reader. Alizarin Crimson was the color of choice on my palette last night, and once the piece is finished you should be able to see why. It is a very seductive color, like any seductress, best used in small quantities. It had such an intoxicating effect that I covered half of the canvas with it. So much for moderation eh?

The storms outside have subsided, as have the ones inside, but I will retreat to my studio this weekend and hopefully make a bit more progress on the unnamed triptych.

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