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So the new year is here and in full swing, I guess that I should apologize for my short resolutions post or maybe not – just before the Christmas holiday, I managed to catch whatever is going around this year which manifested into pneumonia needless to say it took me out of commission for Christmas and the week following. It’s been a long fourteen days but I think that I’m finally better – so since I really didn’t properly welcome the new year in now’s the time…

As always, I have a lot on my plate, but this year I seem to have a multitude of projects that either need to get started or need to get finished – some of them as you can see are tangible projects, like my stamp collection and woodworking projects, others aren’t so tangible like bitch and weigh less (I guess in a sense weight is tangible but you get the point). Anyhow, I suppose that i should elaborate a bit, I’ll start with the first two and work my way down the list.

Finish the built in shelves in the foyer. My house is far from a mansion but it does have a small foyer which I’ve decided should double as a small media library. When you enter my front door directly to the right is the living room, to the front is the closed door to the laundry room and four feet to the left is a small window – since this four foot alcove is essentially wasted space, and I seem to have an abundance of books, cds and dvds, i figured that this would make a great space to store everything and really wouldn’t be too noticeable to visitors upon arrival. I’ve built one of the cabinet units, mainly for records, laser discs, and large books – it has three shelves just over a foot deep and over a foot between them, I plan on sanding and painting it this weekend, and will post pics when finished.

In conjunction with this project, but on a more technical note, I’d like to finish my parent’s custom cherry tv stand. Part of it is custom, part isn’t but I digress. Last year for Christmas I bought them a new television to replace their 200 year old console – the only problem is that it weighs a ton and is starting to make the stand that it’s sitting on sag. Since i know my way around the shop a bit and since Wood magazine published a great set of plans for a television stand, I decided to make them a new one, only customize it for their needs. The center support is getting reinforced and I’m installing shiplap panels on the back and sides, aesthetically i think this will be more aesthetically pleasing. I’m also replacing the pullout drawers with adjustable shelves to house their a/v components and putting on glass doors. If all goes well this weekend, i should have most of the parts finished then I’ll sand to 220 grit, assemble and give it a final sanding to 300 before I wet sand, and apply polyurethane.

So that’s the plan for now, as you can see I have a bit of work ahead of me but it will all come in good time.

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