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New Years Resolutions 2004 (a partial list):

  • Write on average at least 500 words per day – here or there – as long as I get them done.
  • Loose weight, get in shape, and feel great! – I know everyone has this on their list, thought I’d add it to mine for originality points.
  • Update at least five times a week. – the first one being today.
  • Complete the 365 project – a project wherein I take one pic per day and post it on the site – you can find more info here.
  • Install lighted crown molding in my bedroom – with a dimmer switch for that sensual sexy look 😉
  • Read on average at least one book every month – yep, and review them too.
  • Pay off all debts – except for my car, unless of course I win the lottery.
  • Clean out my desk – and the room that it’s in.
  • Stay organized – for some reason I feel the urge to catalogue my books, music, and movies – along with the rest of my life.
  • Visit my brother and his fiancé while they’re stateside.
  • Call one of my long distance friends at least once a week.

This is just a partial list – more to come…

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