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Yesterday, was my first “official” full ICD scan and data download. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I know that there’s a magic wand that they use to wave over the device, but beyond that, I wasn’t quite sure what data it would reveal. Since I work for a software company, and generally like cool technology and gadgets in general, I wanted to know as much as possible.

Parking is always a pain at the hospital where my cardiologist has an office, so I went straight for the parking deck. I have some inside information about the deck, apparently there’s been a few issues lately with “a few break-ins”, and by “a few” apparently that really means 55+ in the past few months. When I pulled into the parking deck, there was a police car ahead of me, slowly making his rounds through the deck, I’m assuming trying to put a dent in the criminal activity . With an inability to pass, I kept my distance and waited. He pulled into a slot and I continued practicing lefthand turns until I reached the top and sunlit level of the deck. I thought that someone would have to be pretty ballsy to break into my car on the open level of the deck in the daylight – that’s just stress than I don’t want to deal with right know. Spoiler alert, the car ended up being fine.

I made my way to the entrance, walked across the skybridge, and took the elevator up to the 7th floor. My cardiologists’ office occupies a good portion of the top floor, and they have big windows that offer a few of the parking deck and what should be a nice skyline. Unfortunately, it’s just nothing but the of tops of houses built in the 70’s and 80’s and a feed plant with silos in the distance. It’s not a terrible view, just not as impressive as it could be.

I spent a bit of time “waiting” in the “waiting room”, after all, that’s the entire purpose of the room. Why should I not allow it to fulfill it’s destiny? I spent nearly forty minutes waiting this time, and then I was taken back to another room where the “technician” of the company that makes the defibrillator waved a magic wand over the left side of my chest and lights on what looked to be a wi-fi access point started blinking. The tech explained that it was now “communicating” with this base station, and started printing out several sheets of paper. At one point, she stopped to reload the machine that it was all tied to and printed some more. I asked if I would get a copy, but she said that she only worked for company that makes the defibrillators and that it would become part of my medical record and I’d have to ask the staff about it. Nice. I asked if my defibrillator was also tracking my PCVs and since I have a history of having a ton of them (10-20 PVCs a minute even after two heart ablations). She said that my defibrillator only had one lead in it and that it wouldn’t be able to track them. At least not unless I wanted to buy another defibrillator and another surgery.


I’d been told that my defibrillator would act like a Holter Monitor all the time and track the PVCs. I guess something changed at some point and I received one with only one lead. So now I’ll still have to wear a Holter at least once a year to get any PVC results.

Anyhow, after more waiting, I did see the doctor, and finally got a peak at the results that were stored in my chest, shot through thin air, and printed out from the defibrillator.  He said that everything was looking good and showed me the numbers. One of the events that will make it fire off is if my heart rate drops below 40 and that’s only happened less than 1% of the time. I’m not sure what other factors are involved exactly, but I know that it hasn’t come close tot needing to fire off, and that’s a good thing in my book.

I told him that I’ve been really fatigued lately, but he doesn’t think that it’s being caused from my heart, he suggests spending more time exercising. My friends are all suggesting that I load up on some vitamins – so I’m going to try some high does of vitamin B12 and D to see if I can get my energy levels up. I’ve already started that and it seemed to help earlier. I’d like to get my energy level high enough to start walking the dogs around the block again before I head back to the gym.

Speaking of being tired, I came home from work today and sleep for four hours straight and I’m still about to fall face first into the keyboard, so I’m going to hurry up and post this before I fall face first into the keyboardafavm,zimer/ealafgon wlanzsfd a.dfs .,bn.fsd.

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