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Leonard Cohens’ Long & Live Hallelujah

While one of my favorite songs, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen has been covered many times (there’s at least 300 known); you might not know that Leonard Cohen originally penned more than 80 verses of the song before landing on the “final” version. To this day, Cohen is known for adding an extra verse or two back into the original during live performances. In addition to extra verses, this performance contains three lovely choir ladies, a drummer, and an organist.

While I don’t think that Cohen is the best vocalist to deliver the song, there’s nothing but real and raw emotions behind his performance. After all, only a creator can make that full, concrete connection with any piece of art, wether it’s music, pottery, or painting. It’s up to us to observe, interpret, and enjoy.

I invite you to give this performance a watch and a listen, but mot of all – enjoy.

Rename November Rain

how different the would the world be if November Rain was named after another month?

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