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Sex in the City – season 6, part 2 episode 1 – the beginning of the end.

A quick summary of the weekend, first, lots of random errands – so a summary of them first – found a great used dvd sale and picked up nine more for the collection, viewings and reviews to follow. Finally found the correct part number for the air filter for my jeep liberty – the dealer wanted $30 for an original I found one for $15 – now my jeep loves me again. Also ran random errands to Wal-mart – the den of consumerism, Home Depot, and Bed, Bath and Beyond. After all of the errand running, I spent most of the weekend out of the house, unpacking the new goodies and doing some random chores that I’ve been putting off forever.

After hanging some new wall shelves in my office/studio, I put together three huge boxes of random kitchen wares for some friends of mine who’s roommate just bailed on them. Unfortunately the roommate took everything that was his, which left my friends with their tv, bed, and dying Christmas tree. As of tomorrow, they’ll have pots and pans, utensils, a George Forman and a bunch of other kitchen schwag that should make their lives a bit easier. As for myself, I now have more room to continue accumulating kitchen krap.

With the hubbub of the weekend aside, and mounds of productivity under my belt, I sat down with sandwich in hand and watched American Wedding (review to come) and Sex in the City (Season Six, Part Two, Episode One) which was delivered to me via my Dish Network DVR (read tvio) only the show lasted longer than the normal thirty minute time slot and Carrie was chopped off in mid-sentence so I’ve adjusted my timers and the east coast feed is recording now as I post this, and I’ll get to catch the end in a few. Season Six, Part Two Episode One – the beginning of the end for Carrie and friends. I do hope they go out with a bang, as the show is laid to rest in the city that never sleeps.

When was the last time you…

When was the last time you…

1. …sent a handwritten letter? Humm… well it’s summertime and all of my friends are of to camp and far away places where mail takes on a whole new importance so it really hasn’t been that long. I do have a card sitting on my desk that I need to send off to mom. If you’re reading this, HI MOM!

2. …baked something from scratch or made something by hand? Cooked a bunch of tasty treats last weekend, catfish, steak and what not. I also helped B&M cook up some chicken and cheese chimi’s Wednesday night before they headed off to San Fran.

3. …camped in a tent? Summer of ’99. CF Nola survival… entirely too long!

4. …volunteered your time to church, school, or community? Well, I just finished up a stint as an assistant t-ball coach thank you very much, and no, I won’t be adding that title to my resume.

5. …helped a stranger? Humm… not really sure on this one; I know that I’ve helped people here and there when I’ve been out and about, I just can’t remember right now. 😉

Questions courtesy of the Friday Five.

As a side note, Monday is Canada Day! I’m not sure what that’s all about, but it’s on my Far Side desk calendar (yes, I looked ahead). Have a great weekend all, and make Canada Day count!

Take me out to the ballgame…

It’s a Tuesday, which in my book is a bit better than a Monday. Ever have the case of the Mondays? Yesterday I did… wow but I won’t talk about it here because today is Tuesday, and we’ll just have to live with that. Today really wasn’t a bad day, but it was for the most part pretty uneventful. I did almost get creamed by an eighty year old man on the way to work though. (I really don’t have anything against eighty year old men who can’t drive – but I do have something against people who can’t drive). It’s all good though, I survived the near side swipe and the heart attack in the process so I guess that we both came out on top. I made a few layout changes to my blog over lunch, wow; this blog customization stuff is more difficult than I thought. If anyone knows someone who would like to take a stab at it for me, let me know and I’d gladly chunk over some change to get this whole thing running the way that I want it to. 😉

Work started off with an email from my little brother who sent me this linkWhat a sick f*ck. He knows how scared I am of clowns. Everyone knows how scared I am of clowns. I’ll loose even more sleep tonight over the whole mess. Some would say that I need therapy. I would say that there’s not much normal about people wearing a ton of makeup, big shoes, and a squishy red nose – but that’s just me.

We have our end of the season t-ball pizza party tonight, sadly I have to say goodbye to all of the sluggers for a year. I had fun being a coach, I really did and I hope that when some of the kids sign with a major league team, they’ll think of me. So for now, I’m off to munch some pie with a bunch of kiddies and then it’s home for some much needed shut eye. Today will get better; I have a feeling about that one – but tomorrow, now that’s a whole new ball game!

Ok, I’m Back!

Friday, June 14, 2002
Ok, I’m back…

The Friday Five:

1. How often do you do laundry? I try to do a few loads at least once a week or if I need clothes to wear.

2. What’s in a typical wash load? Hummm… well, I’m not big on separating colors, but I usually make a valiant effort to do so. As long as a red shirt doesn’t end up in the whites, I’m ok.

3. Front or top loader? Powder or liquid detergent? Top loader… which I guess is better than a freeloader right? And I usually use liquid detergent, but I keep a box of the dry crystal stuff on hand if I ever need it.

4. Do you use fabric softener in the rinse cycle? Always. After all, there’s nothing better than Downy freshness!!!

5. Dryer or clothesline? The Dryer, always… as a kid I remember having to hang our clothes on the clothes line – the ‘rents had FOUR lines! Two parental units and four boys, yeah we had a lot of clothes. After years of hanging clothes on the line, I’ve decided that I’d hang no more and I’ve been using the drier ever since.

The Friday Five!

1. What’s the last vivid dream that you remember having?
That’s a good question, I know that I’ve had a few recently, but I really can’t remember off the top of my head… the next time I have one, I’ll blog it for ya!

2. Do you have any recurring dreams?
I’ve had a few… dreams of flying and falling; which I guess would fall into the category of general dreams, I’ve had a few life long dreams though… like going to New Zealand, running a marathon, writing a book, etc. but those all seem to occur with my eyes open…

3. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had?
Oh wow! I’ve read a lot of Stephen King so you can imagine what kind of dreams I’ve had! I’m really afraid of heights (but not dreams with flying involved), clowns, and the little people (a.k.a. midgets) I guess it’s midget clowns that scare me the most. This probably comes from reading and watching IT, and going to the circus at a young age.

4. Have you ever written your dreams down or considered it? Why or why not?
I have before, only to help me remember them though. I’ve been considering getting a Dream Journal to keep beside my bed to write them down in and see if over time there’s some type of connection or pattern to all of the madness.

5. Have you ever had a lucid dream?
Not that I’m aware of… eventually I wakeup, and only then do I realize that it was a dream… I guess I’m just wack like that. What did you do in it? N/A = Nadda Applia


la de la de la da… oh, it’s been far too long since i’ve written anything worthwhile in here, so i’m going to try and give it a shot. First off, i would like to apologize to the fan club for my web absence over the past few days, the weather has been great here, and i decided to download my web presence to the real world for a while and get some sun and enjoy the weather. The weekend was quite busy actually, my uncle came in from Boston and we hung out for a while, on Sunday, i decided to take my little brother fishing for the afternoon, final score – me: 8, bub: 3, i hate to kick the little kids arese with the pole, but i couldn’t help it… it must have been the bait. Which got me thinking, if you were really good at baiting a hook, would that make you a master-baiter? Maybe that’s why i won… years and years of practice : )~ Monday went on with out a hitch, and tomorrow will be hump day so the weeks almost over! Whoo-Hoo! I talked a bit this morning with paula , bless her heart, the cosmos seem to be out of wack in her world more often than not, but we both know that good things are to come… here’s looking at you kid! * – ]}

Well, I hope that no matter what part of the country you happen to be in that your weather is as good as it is here, if ya’ can’t tell, i’m bout sick of this winter shit! I’d better get back to work now, have a great day!!!

Oh, one more note, one of my friends always has a saying for everything, the new one is:
“procrastination and masturbation are about the same thing, either way you’re fucked!”



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