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la de la de la da… oh, it’s been far too long since i’ve written anything worthwhile in here, so i’m going to try and give it a shot. First off, i would like to apologize to the fan club for my web absence over the past few days, the weather has been great here, and i decided to download my web presence to the real world for a while and get some sun and enjoy the weather. The weekend was quite busy actually, my uncle came in from Boston and we hung out for a while, on Sunday, i decided to take my little brother fishing for the afternoon, final score – me: 8, bub: 3, i hate to kick the little kids arese with the pole, but i couldn’t help it… it must have been the bait. Which got me thinking, if you were really good at baiting a hook, would that make you a master-baiter? Maybe that’s why i won… years and years of practice : )~ Monday went on with out a hitch, and tomorrow will be hump day so the weeks almost over! Whoo-Hoo! I talked a bit this morning with paula , bless her heart, the cosmos seem to be out of wack in her world more often than not, but we both know that good things are to come… here’s looking at you kid! * – ]}

Well, I hope that no matter what part of the country you happen to be in that your weather is as good as it is here, if ya’ can’t tell, i’m bout sick of this winter shit! I’d better get back to work now, have a great day!!!

Oh, one more note, one of my friends always has a saying for everything, the new one is:
“procrastination and masturbation are about the same thing, either way you’re fucked!”



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