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It’s a Tuesday, which in my book is a bit better than a Monday. Ever have the case of the Mondays? Yesterday I did… wow but I won’t talk about it here because today is Tuesday, and we’ll just have to live with that. Today really wasn’t a bad day, but it was for the most part pretty uneventful. I did almost get creamed by an eighty year old man on the way to work though. (I really don’t have anything against eighty year old men who can’t drive – but I do have something against people who can’t drive). It’s all good though, I survived the near side swipe and the heart attack in the process so I guess that we both came out on top. I made a few layout changes to my blog over lunch, wow; this blog customization stuff is more difficult than I thought. If anyone knows someone who would like to take a stab at it for me, let me know and I’d gladly chunk over some change to get this whole thing running the way that I want it to. 😉

Work started off with an email from my little brother who sent me this linkWhat a sick f*ck. He knows how scared I am of clowns. Everyone knows how scared I am of clowns. I’ll loose even more sleep tonight over the whole mess. Some would say that I need therapy. I would say that there’s not much normal about people wearing a ton of makeup, big shoes, and a squishy red nose – but that’s just me.

We have our end of the season t-ball pizza party tonight, sadly I have to say goodbye to all of the sluggers for a year. I had fun being a coach, I really did and I hope that when some of the kids sign with a major league team, they’ll think of me. So for now, I’m off to munch some pie with a bunch of kiddies and then it’s home for some much needed shut eye. Today will get better; I have a feeling about that one – but tomorrow, now that’s a whole new ball game!

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