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A quick summary of the weekend, first, lots of random errands – so a summary of them first – found a great used dvd sale and picked up nine more for the collection, viewings and reviews to follow. Finally found the correct part number for the air filter for my jeep liberty – the dealer wanted $30 for an original I found one for $15 – now my jeep loves me again. Also ran random errands to Wal-mart – the den of consumerism, Home Depot, and Bed, Bath and Beyond. After all of the errand running, I spent most of the weekend out of the house, unpacking the new goodies and doing some random chores that I’ve been putting off forever.

After hanging some new wall shelves in my office/studio, I put together three huge boxes of random kitchen wares for some friends of mine who’s roommate just bailed on them. Unfortunately the roommate took everything that was his, which left my friends with their tv, bed, and dying Christmas tree. As of tomorrow, they’ll have pots and pans, utensils, a George Forman and a bunch of other kitchen schwag that should make their lives a bit easier. As for myself, I now have more room to continue accumulating kitchen krap.

With the hubbub of the weekend aside, and mounds of productivity under my belt, I sat down with sandwich in hand and watched American Wedding (review to come) and Sex in the City (Season Six, Part Two, Episode One) which was delivered to me via my Dish Network DVR (read tvio) only the show lasted longer than the normal thirty minute time slot and Carrie was chopped off in mid-sentence so I’ve adjusted my timers and the east coast feed is recording now as I post this, and I’ll get to catch the end in a few. Season Six, Part Two Episode One – the beginning of the end for Carrie and friends. I do hope they go out with a bang, as the show is laid to rest in the city that never sleeps.

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