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Ah… time for a new post… didn’t sleep really well last night, i don’t know if it’s an evil bout of insomnia creeping up on me, or if it’s still the whole day light savings switch-a-roo that’s kicking my arse still… who knows, maybe i’ll do some catching up this weekend.

***props out to addiction for helping me with lj yesterday, you’re the greatest and don’t forget it!

I decided to go ahead and upgrade to a pay account, i figure that I’d have a few features (which i may or may not end up using), but at least i could help contribute to the longevity of this project. The net seems to be constipated with a bunch of crap lately, and although there’s probably a few people out there that think that online j’s are a bucket o’ crap, I’m willing do my little bit of supporting them if i can; you should too dam nit!!!

Anyhow, last night i was craving a turkey sandwich for some strange reason, but i knew that i was out of bread. So i said to myself, “Self, why don’t you go and get some bread?” I also noticed that my car was ’bout out of gas so i decided to get some gas too. Needless to say gas is 1.42 a gallon here – could be worse, could be better – but get this… bread is 3.23 a loaf! Like airport food, gas stations price theirs’ on the same scale. I suppose that’s just the law of supply and demand… or maybe it’s a convince fee… highway rubbery if you ask me… well, that’s ’bout all for now, time for me to bounce.


Well, aside from being a zombie for the most of the day, today really isn’t that bad. it’s warming up out which hopefully is a good indication that winter is over!

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