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Of Matters of the Heart (Valentine’s Day 2014)

Three little words. That’s all that it takes to change a life forever. Say a the three little words to that special someone in your life and they could be yours forever.

Say three different little words, and your life could change forever. It’s the different three little words that have recently rocked my world.

Congestive Heart Failure. I hate the words really, they sound so dark, so ominous. It makes it sound as if The Reaper is always waiting just on the other side of the door. The reality of it all is that He is – not just for me, but for all of us. None of us really know how much time we have left, but we all know that the clock is ticking.


Finding and Getting a Grip on Your Path

A good friend of mine (Ben), sent me this video today. A friend of his was on the film crew that shot the video so there’s two degrees of separation between Alex Honnold and myself. I’m sure that Kevin Bacon is in there somewhere too. Yes, there is. I checked The Oracle of Bacon and if you select all options, Alex Honnold has a Bacon number of 3. But I digress….

Obviously Alex Honnold isn’t nearly as famous as Mr. Bacon. Most people outside of the world of rock climbing have never heard of him. Now I don’t rock climb. I have in the past – both on actual rock faces and on man-made walls on ropes courses. I was never particularly good at it – I’ve always been a little afraid of heights, and I’ll be the first one to admit that my coordination is more than lacking.

Alex seems to have no fear of heights, a firm grip on his coordination, and has uncanny ability to navigate and traverse some of the, if not the most difficult routes on the planet. And did I mention that he does it all without ropes? That’s right. He’s a free solo climber – as in one wrong move and he looses it all. There are no ropes or nets to protect him. Now before you think that he’s absolutely insane, you also need to know that he’ll spend days or weeks planning, practicing, and cleaning routes before he attempts the accent without a rope. Just the man and the mountain. One finger grip or toe hold at a time, he seems to defy gravity and progresses gracefully up vertical granite faces until he reaches the summit.

Alex has found his passion. He’s proven time and time again; that with proper planning, a firm grip, anyone can follow their path and reach the top.

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