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This is not the New Year’s post you’re looking for.

This isn’t the ubiquitous “2013 in review” and “here’s what I plan on doing in 2014” post. Sure, it’ll contain some of that, but honestly, I’m getting older. And more forgetful. And well… there’s a lot about 2013 that I don’t remember – not intentionally of course, there’s just parts that I don’t remember as well as I should. Hopefully blogging will help change that.

Health wise, I know that 2013 started off with my heart ablation – actually, it was the second one. The first was a few weeks prior December of 2012. The ablations didn’t fix my PVC’s but it reduced them by about 30%. I had never felt my PVCs before or after the ablations, but there’s really nothing to celebrate there. However, fewer PVCs should put less stress on my heart which should let me live longer. No complaints there, right? I do know that heart ablations are one of the most painful and scary things that someone can go through. You’re wide awake while they literally cook part of your heart from the inside out. Awesome.


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