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Homeland Brings it Home

If you’re not watching the Showtime series, Homeland, you’re doing it wrong.

Tonight, at the 2012 Emmys, the series cleaned house.  First winning “Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series”, and quickly following with matching his and hers awards for Best Lead Actor (Damian Lewis) and Lead Actress (Claire Danes) in a Drama Series.  They capped off the night by landing the award for Outstanding Drama Series.

I fell in love with Claire Danes’ acting ability when she stared in the angsty teen drama, “My So Called Life” that aired on MTV in the mid 90’s.  The series only lasted a season or two, [I’ve always thought that it was a little progressive and ahead of it’s time – it should have done a lot better].  Anyhow, since then she’s had a pretty steady career, always reaching to new heights and stretching her acting skills – and they are definately stretched in Homeland.

Damian Lewis is one of those actors that you will recognize, but you might not recognize where you know him from, I actually had to look up his IMDB Profile.  Bingo! Dreamcatcher and Band of Brothers – how could I possibly forget that?  Thankfully, the Internet doesn’t ever seem to forget.

I really can’t say enough about this series.  It’s definitely one of the best drama on television right now, I’ve waited months for it to return, and thankfully next weekend it will, with some very well deserved awards.

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