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What Would Google Do?

If you’re only going to read two business books this year, this should be one of them.  The other should be Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk (more on that later).  What Would Google Do? is Jeff Jarvis’ analysis of what Google – one of the fastest growing and most powerful companies in the world of new media – did to get to where it is today.  It’s not just about what Google did and why though, Jarvis gives plenty of other real world examples of other companies that have used some of the Google techniques in their own business  plan to help them gain momentum and standout against the competition.

I only have two brief criticisms of the book. At times, the book might not seem to have direction – it’s organized, but could benefit from some re-orginzation. Additionally, it would have been nice if the author would have included a list of all of the websites listed in the book in one easy to use location. These are two very minor faults in a book that could change the way that you do business for the better. If nothing else, this book will open your eyes with real world examples of what Google and anyone who wants to be successful would do.

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