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Happy New Year! 2010 Redux.

So I’m an idiot.  This may not come as news I know…  At the beginning of the year I relaunched this site and blog and somewhere between then and now I managed to hose the entire thing.  I’ve started setting things back up again and thankfully found this post in the Google cache so I’m reposting it.  Hopefully I won’t hose it again, and if I do, I’ll have plenty of backups to restore everything back to normal.  So without further adieu, here’s the post redux…

I figured that since I’ve neglected my domain name for far too long (several years now actually) it’s about time that I dust it off and clear out the cobwebs for the new year. After all, it doesn’t make much sense paying for a domain and hosting when most of the time it goes unused. Not to mention that there are several other Andrew Money’s in the world that might be able to make better use of the space.

To start the year off right, I’ve started the obligatory list of resolutions and things that I would like to do this year. As I revamp the site, I might move the list over into a nifty permeant list somewhere where I can track progress, edit and link to items as I complete them, etc. for now it’s here. So without further adieu my list of resolutions for 2010 (in no particular order):

  1. Revamp this site (as well as my other domains).
  2. Fully rehab my knee – at least to the point that I can walk at least 2.5 miles.
  3. Submit six new iPhone apps to the app store (for myself or other companies).
  4. Reconnect with friends and family more via Facebook.
  5. Tweet more (average at least 2x a day).
  6. Blog more (average at least 4 posts a week).
  7. Read more (average at least a book a month).
  8. Weigh less.
  9. Convert my spare bedroom into my office/man cave.
  10. Put my shop to work and build something out of wood (possibly to go with #9).
  11. Organize, organize, organize.
  12. Downsize, downsize, downsize.
  13. Donate what I can to Goodwill.
  14. Sell what I don’t need via eBay.
  15. Finish installing the other half of my irrigation system in the spring – the first half saved me a ton of water and the plants loved it.
  16. Recycle more.
  17. Convert any of my old VHS’s to DVD (home movies, camp movies, etc.).
  18. Scan my old camp and Philmont photos.
  19. Prune and update all of my contacts.
  20. Love more

Here’s to a great 2010 – enjoy the ride!

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